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Zhang Guoping from Jiangsu, Jiangyin Province Nationality Han

Born in 1952, CPC member, Senior Economist  Vice President of China Packaging Union, Secretary of CPC committee in Shenda Group Co., Ltd., Director
Man of Year 1997 in China Township Enterprises
Top 10 Elites of Year 1998 in Chinese Packaging Enterprises
1998 National Trans-century Excellent Packaging Entrepreneur
2000 China Contemporary Excellent Packaging Entrepreneur
2001 National Township Entrepreneur
2002 China Excellent Entrepreneur
2003 Jiangsu Excellent Private Entrepreneur
2005 Jiangsu Labor Model
The tenth NPC member of Jiangsu province, the 12th and 14th NPC member of Wuxi city

Mr. Zhang Guoping, the Secretary of CPC Committee and director in Shenda Group, established the company in 1986. In the process of the corporate expansion, Mr. Zhang Guoping stuck to the long-term strategy of being a sustainable company and the long-term goal of scale-up, standardization and internationalization. Based on his broad views and unremitting efforts, Mr. Zhang Guoping guided Shenda to the road of up-to-date development and fast growth. His contribution to the progress of the whole Chinese packaging material industry and the boom of Shenda Group is remarkable. Surrounded by bunches of titles and awards such as the vice president of China Packaging Technology Institute, Chinese Excellent Entrepreneur, Top 10 Elites of Chinese Packaging Enterprises and Excellent Private Entrepreneur, Mr. Zhang Guopin shows the world how Chinese private entrepreneurs grew up with his true and shining business achievements.


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